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GGZ for Debian and derived distributions
Bringing multiplayer fun to users of Lenny, Ibex and other such things!

Debian should provide a universal access to online gaming from all games and dedicated clients. Consistency in features, privacy protection, configuration and preferences can be achieved through GGZ. The GGZ Gaming Zone consists of several packages, many of which become even more packages in Debian (for data, libraries, headers etc.) The pkg-ggz project packages them for easy use (e.g. meta package: apt-get install ggz!) and safety when using GGZ libraries or tools as a dependency.

Related projects
The ggz-mobile project on Maemo uses the Debian packages, adds some nice icons and compiles them for ARM. The projects gnome-games and freeciv, as well as kdegames in version 4.0, are using GGZ.

Join us!
You can join via the Alioth page on There you find information about SVN access where the team maintenance of the packages takes place. Another useful link is the quality overview.

More screenshots are available at View all screenshots!

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